Welcome to the History of Eckford website.

The website spawned from a millennium project by the Eckford SWRI (Scottish Women's Rural Institute) to update The History of Eckford Parish, a document originally collated in 1966 to commemorate their fortieth anniversary. You can read their work in the History section of the site.

Since the original website was published in 2000, we've received contacts from people all over the world who have links with Eckford. Many emails, telephone calls and photographs have been exchanged, and people have even come to visit as a result of what they have read on here! A particularly fruitful contact has resulted in the publication of a book - you can read more about the fascinating story of George Taylor and how his manuscript came to be published here.

In 2009 the website received a facelift and now incorporates image galleries showing Eckford and its beautiful surrounding countryside, a forum where visitors can post about their Eckford roots and some new articles that weren't included in the original SWRI history. We hope to continue adding to the site and welcome articles on Eckford history for publication here.

You don't need to register to be able to view the site or add comments or forum posts, however registering will give you additional functionality on the site such as the ability to view the images in the gallery at their original size, and the ability to edit your own forum posts.

We hope you enjoy your visit.