Kalemouth Bridge

Kalemouth Bridge

Built c.1830 by Captain Samuel Brown, engineer, it crosses the River Teviot between the A698 at Kalemouth and Ormiston Farm.

It is 54m long, 5m wide with twin stone pylons at each end, wooden deck and railings suspended by iron rods fixed to the centres of chain links.

There is a toll cottage, now much enlarged and a private home. ‘A Guide to the Border’ by Alexander Jeffrey (1838) states “there is a chain bridge erected over the Tweed (sic) by the Late Mr Ormiston of that Ilk , at his own expense, for his private use: but it has since been opened to the public for a trifling fee - a boon which cannot easily be forgot or misused.”

River Teviot Webcam

There is a live webcam overlooking the River Tweed and Kalemouth Bridge at http://www.farsondigital.co.uk/teviot/live.php